Vision AfriKa

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Vision AfriKa supports youth (grade 9, 10, 11 and 12) in their process of personal growth and development. The programme facilitators and youth embark on a shared explorative journey of critical thinking, visionary dreaming, goal-setting, leadership development, academic improvement and active community citizenship. Vision AfriKa is currently based in Khayamandi and Vlottenburg, which is part of the Greater Stellenbosch area.

Vision AfriKa was established in 2003 (then known as Vision K). The two branches of Vision AfriKa reach 209 young people every year with its various programme components.

Their vision is to offer a social-support system to youth from underserved communities, challenging their existing perspectives and encouraging them to reach their potential by taking responsibility for their own dreams.

Vision AfriKa is a relationship-driven programme that seeks to:

  • Challenge and eradicate the mentality of helplessness and dependency in underserved communities
  • Motivate youth to appreciate the value of education and support them in taking responsibility for their own academic achievements/progress.
  • Utilise life skills training and critical thinking to empower youth to pursue dreams of alternative futures for themselves, their community and country.
  • Create platforms for youth to research, discuss/debate, plan and take action against perceived social ills and injustices in their communities and country.
  • Challenge existing value systems and emphasise a value system which includes: integrity, perseverance, teamwork, respect for self and others, responsibility, ubuntu (humanity), humility and servitude, and
  • Develop leadership skills in youth in order for them to become role models and agents of change in their communities.

Visit their website for more information:, their facebook link or contact Gerrit Laning +27(0)21 889 8774  or +27(0)82 927 8512