Sakh’ Ikamva Community Development

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About us

Sakh’ Ikamva Community Development is a nonprofit organization (NPO) established by the parents of child beneficiaries, in partnership with the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT), in June 2015. The organization is governed and managed by a representative group of parents of children whose educational needs are supported by different sponsors mostly from Germany, but also from various other countries.


The purpose of Sakh’ Ikamva Community Development, a NPO established by parents of child beneficiaries, is to manage donor funding provided for the education of children from designated Khayamandi families and complementary community projects.


Improve educational support for all our sponsored children. Help children with love and care. Enable educational activities that will brighten their future. Nurture creative minds, the potential for innovation and for expanding knowledge and critical thinking. Presenting enabling innovative opportunities for all parents.


  • Ensure fair distribution and accountable usage of education funding support.
  • Help to empower children with playful and creative educational programmes.
  • Harness educative projects and a diversity of activities for further development.
  • Empower parents with self-help programmes and various developmental skills.
  • Ensure that children learn and that each child can reach their dream of a brighter future.


  • Negotiate the terms for spending donor funding.
  • Enforce the agreed upon rules.
  • Promote responsibility, accountability, monitoring and the importance of children participating in educational programmes.
  • Provide assistance to learners where needed.
  • Report adequately to all stakeholders.
  • Network with organizations that have the same vision, mission and objectives.

Collaborative agreements

Sakh’ Ikamva Community Development governing committee works in collaboration with GSDT trustees. There will be 12 months transition period to enabling settling of the newly established body managed by highly principled, purposed, self-motivated and firm women with passion about the children’s education. Sakh’ Ikamva Community Development will account to the GSDT and Wir helfen Kindern in der Dritten Welt in Germany.

Governing committee members


Chairperson: Bertha Koro

Secretary: Nyameka Sephula

Treasurer: Noluvuyo Ngele

Additional member: Thandi Molefe

Administrative Coordinator: Thandi Swartbooi


Liaison GSDT trustees

Hannes Van Zyl

Pamela Ntoni

Current services

Current services to ensure great education for our children:

  • Keeping and managing the records of sponsored children
  • Ensuring support for all children’s educational needs
  • Determining the needs of each child and how to help
  • Monitoring and updating the list of sponsored learners
  • Assessing and establishing challenges affecting them
  • Interaction with specific families and the children
  • Interactions with different sponsors of our children
  • Planning and negotiating new terms for next year
  • Administration and distribution of donor funding
  • Meeting and interaction with the GSDT trustees
  • Reporting, communications and distributions
  • Thinking and planning new community projects


Download our constitution in Xhosa

Download our constitution in English

Donations for further education support

Name: Sakh’ Ikamva Community Development,

Nedbank, Club Account no: 200 833 1253, Stellenbosch,

Branch code: 107 110, Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

Contact us

Thandi Swartbooi (Administrartive coordinator)

Mobile phone: 076 287 6289
Nyameka Sephula (Sectrary)

Mobile phone: 072 532 0689 or 081 547 3379