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Eduvate challenges the limitations of traditional classroom teaching. Eduvate has a design thinking approach, which means we look for repeatable, human-centred methods for creative problem solving and innovation. We believe in innovation and capacity building and we want to address the ‘how’ of improving learning outcomes in our schools. Our primary objective is to improve the academic outcomes for learners by focusing on teacher development. We aim to improve teachers’ proficiency in digital literacy, educational software, and 21st century teaching methods. We identify methods that will build creative confidence in our teachers and develop their skills as educators. Parallel with teacher development is learner development with a focus on digital skills, design thinking, Mathematics and English. We want the learners to develop solid 21st century learning skills. In 2016 Eduvate merged with the Innovation in the Classroom project of the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust. Working with Team4Tech and Autodesk have exposed GSDT, Eduvate and our community partners to innovative ways of teaching, meaningful ways to use technology and to adapt a design thinking approach to challenges. Our collaboration with Team4Tech and Autodesk is ongoing and the long term goals of the project are:

  • Improve teachers’ proficiency in digital literacy, educational software and 21st century teaching methods.
  • Strengthen collaboration across Stellenbosch schools and communities.

Classroom innovation focuses on:

  • Teacher professional development
  • Tech troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Integrate 21st century teaching skills at Makupula and other schools
  • Measure and evaluate
  • Coordinate workshops

If would like to learn more or become involved, please contact Moija van Zyl: