Volunteering at the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust is an opportunity to help out in a dynamic community, and also to broaden horizons, for those who would dare to immerse themselves in a new culture. Every year, volunteers from all over the world live and work together in Khayamandi, on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, a university town near Cape Town.

Work Placements

The GSDT and its partner organisations offer a number of volunteer possibilities, depending on the personal interests and skills of the volunteer.

For example:


If you volunteer for the 2-22 project, an educational programme which helps young children through to young adulthood,  you can work at the crèche allowing you to explore the daily operations of a pre-school. You will follow a daily activity schedule with one of three classes.  As a classroom assistant you support the teacher in all areas. Volunteers may also suggest an activity or a skill they can offer the project. Examples would be painting with the children or presenting dance classes. Every afternoon over a hundred children from different schools come together in the after-school care facility. Here you can support the classroom teacher, who supervises each day’s classes. Your support would include helping the children with their homework, but also encouraging children individually and giving them learning support. Once a week there is an activity club offering various sport, arts and music activities.


SEED is for volunteers who can help the participants to become self-employed and to start a micro-business of their own.  If you are entrepreneurial and can help with business plans, this is a good experience.

InZink amphitheatre

In the InZink amphitheatre volunteers can help with activities such as music, performance theatre, poetry performances, film screenings and so forth. There are programmes for young and old.


Through general management assistance, the Trust aims to aid other community organisations with general administration, financial and strategic planning and the maintenance of a functioning website.  This is usually a good experience for volunteers who plan to become managers.

Application Procedure

If you are interested in volunteering, download the Volunteer Application Form and send the completed version with a copy of your CV to brian@schliemann.co.za or gerrit@visionafrika.com. All applications will be considered and applicants will be screened by a selection committee.

There is a Tips & FAQs section on volunteering, but please feel free to contact us for more information.


During your stay you can either live in the town of Stellenbosch itself or in Khayamandi. You could also start by living in Khayamandi for three months and then decide where you want to live. Living in Khayamandi will give you the opportunity to really see the community of Khayamandi and it is also convenient to live directly next to your working place.