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Vision AfriKa

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Vision AfriKa

Our current focus is

Vision AfriKa Primary School:

In September 2014, the Western Cape Department of Education asked the GSDT for helpto alleviate the shortage of space for early grades in schools in Kayamandi. The new school was established in response to this need in the community.

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Vision AfriKa Primary School builds on the educational knowledge that was acquired withinVision AfriKa and the GSDT in the course of fourteen years of educational programmes inKayamandi. This local knowledge is backed by ongoing research.

A longer-term strategy for Vision AfriKa primary school is evolving, but is not yet finalised.

It may be valuable for the school to link to a more comprehensive school network, as it may support ongoing research and teacher development and teaching. The school also needs to build additional classrooms and other facilities, to accommodate more learners, and to grow its contribution to education in Kayamandi and Stellenbosch.

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Eduvate and the GSDT’s project for innovation in the classroom merged in 2016.  Bothprojects aimed to improve 21st century teaching skills amongst teachers in Stellenbosch.  A significant advantage of the merged project is the partnership of the GSDT and now also Eduvate with Team4Tech, a leading educational innovator in the USA, and Silicon Valley companies, especially Autodesk, who provide experts to lead intensive professional training for teachers in Stellenbosch.  Expert teams of educators and electronic engineers have already lead four weeks of intensive professional training for teachers at Makupula Secondary School in Kayamandi, Cloetesville Secondary School and Vision AfriKa primary school.  The Western Cape Department of Education supports the aims and methods of this program and recognises that knowledge imparted through this partnership could have a catalytic impact at schools in the Western Cape.

Eduvate now aims to establish ongoing teacher coaching at schools in the district. More local coaching will help schools to use existing facilities and technology centres continuously and effectively. It will, especially, enable the local participating schools and teachers to better integrate the skills imparted by the visiting international experts. It will at the same time enable Eduvate  to leverage this expertise in 21st century teaching skills across more schools and teachers.


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