Vision AfriKa’s performance is smokin’ hot during fire evacuation exercise

By on 5-30-2017 in News

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Vision AfriKa has successfully completed its first fire evacuation exercise, taking only four minutes to gather nearly 300 staff and learners at the school assembly point.

Because the educational development NGO consists of up to 500 staff and students, undertaking regular fire evacuation exercises is a legal requirement. The first training session took place last year and was led by newly-appointed safety officer, Zukisa Xegwana, who has since undertaken several more

Participants were taught who needs to do what when the fire alarm rings, and in what timeframe. Teachers are required to evacuate the school completely and to carry their class lists with them in order to check that all of the learners are present at the school assembly point.

The building’s windows and floors are left closed to contain the fire and the medical kit is brought out in case it is needed. The fire brigade arrived within six minutes of the alarm going off and was impressed with Vision AfriKa’s performance.