Vision AfriKa’s 2015 results; new staff appointment

By on 4-07-2016 in News

Vision AfriKa reached many milestones during the 2015 academic year.

“Passing grade 12 has not been an emphasis for us for a while as that would set the bar just too low for our kids,” said Gerrit Laning, Operations Manager at Vision AfriKa. “Passing with Bachelors’ Endorsements was our aim and we are excited to report that 90% of the group passed in this highest of categories and are eligible for enrollment to Universities! Compared to the national average for this level of pass, which was 26%, we believe our group have reason to celebrate.

For most of the kids this is a life defining time with final choices being made as to where they will be studying. We are glad to be right next to them in assisting with guidance, support and just being there,” he added.

Aside from the achievements of the Grade 12 students, the top three positions for students in Grades 8 to 11 has been awarded to Vision AfriKa learners. Furthermore, two Grade 11 students traveled to Johannesburg to take part in the National Science Expo.

For 2016, a new teacher has been appointed for Vision AfriKa’s Gr 2 students. Jennie van Jaarsveld has joined the staff as an Afrikaans teacher, and is readying her classroom for the year ahead.