Renewal of godparent support system

By on 8-19-2013 in News

The GSDT is ready to implement adjustments to the system of godparent support as recommended by Irene Glück of Stifting Manager Ohnegrenzen. During her visit earlier in 2013 she reviewed the organisation as a whole and made suggestions for improvement. Her research on the current godparent contribution system indicate that the system is not scalable, not sensitive and fair, establishes relationships primarily based on the transfer of money and does not reflect real levels of sponsorship.

Irene Glück is the second manager from Stifting Manager Ohnegrenzen to visit the GSDT. Kristina Rusch was the first representative graciously made available by Stifting Manager Ohnegrenzen  to review activities at the GSDT. All her recommendations for structural and other improvements have since been implemented.

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