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Newsletter, 2013


GSDT and VisionAfriKa

The trustees and executive board members of the GSDT and VisionAfriKa agreed in principal to strengthen and formalise the existing co-operation between the two organisations. The GSDT and VisionAfriKa have been working together and sharing premises since 2003. They are also partners in the 2-22 education project which during the day consists of a pre-school, an after-school and a specialised literacy learning centre. In the evenings the focus shifts to critical thinking, visionary dreaming, goal-setting, leadership development, academic improvement and active community citizenship. Click here for more information on the GSDT. Click here for more information on VisionAfriKa.

High Praise for Reading Eggs Programme

The GSDT literacy programme, which raised the academic results of learners, earned high praise after the implementation of Reading Eggs by the Click Foundation last year. Reading Eggs is an online, phonetics based computer programme making use of reading games, activities and animationsfor a fun and motivational learning experience to acquire literacy skills. It provides visual and auditory instruction allowing individualised (i.e. 1 on 1 instruction) self-paced learning, while requiring only basic supervision. Read more about the collaboration with the Click Foundation.

Strengthen Our Society (SOS)

SOS, a joint project of the GSDT and Remgro, added an additional twelve organisations to the list of community organisations that are assisted by them. SOS aims, with the help of volunteers from corporate businesses, to strengthen social organisations through capacity building and implementation of new skills. Click here for more information on the SOS project and to view the latest report.

Fire and Water in Khayamandi

In the past months Khayamandi endured both a devastating fire and floods during the wettest winter in 20 years in parts of the Western Cape. Though the GSDT is primarily an education facility, after disasters the GSDT usually becomes both a refuge for members of the community and a conduit for contributions and other forms of material support to assist those who suffered. In the fire of 14-15 March the houses of three staff members and more than 30 children in the programme were destroyed. Some members of staff at the GSDT are now involved to establish a co-ordinated disaster relief process that can be activated by various organisations and institutions whenever disaster strikes. At the same time some of the trustees are involved in a process to ensure a more inclusive and participative long-term planning process to prevent preventable disasters.

Cape Town: World Design Capital 2014

The GSDT was long-listed as a special World Design Capital 2014 project. Cape Town is the designated World Design Capital for 2014, which recognises the value of design thinking and is dedicated to use design as a tool for social, cultural and economic development. This bid forms part of a broader vision to transform Cape Town into a sustainable, productive African city, bridging historic divides and building social and economic inclusion. The director of the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014, Alayne Reesberg, said that the Trust Centre is an example of “design that makes life better [with its] multidisciplinary approaches with people working together in the programme”. Click here to read more about the project and how it could benefit the Trust.

New System for Godparent Support

The GSDT is ready to implement adjustments to the system of godparent support as recommended by Irene Glück of Stifting Manager Ohnegrenzen. During her visit earlier in 2013 she reviewed the organisation as a whole and made suggestions for improvement. Her research on the current godparent contribution system indicate that the system is not scalable, not sensitive and fair, establishes relationships primarily based on the transfer of money and does not reflect real levels of sponsorship. Click here to read her suggestions on the renewal of the godparent sponsorship system.

Cultural Activities at the GSDT

Cultural activities at the GSDT are as lively as ever. The new season at the AmaZink theatre restaurant starts in October with a new show. Among the highlights this year was the annual Cape Classic chamber music festival and interaction between local Khayamandi poets and poets visiting Stellenbosch for an international poetry festival. Read more on Cape Classic’s visit to the Trust and view some of the photos taken at this wonderful event. Click here to read more on the visit of international poets to Khayamandi.