GSDT and the World Design Capital 2014

By on 8-14-2013 in News

The Ikhaya Trust Centre, designed to serve communal needs, also reflects the surrounding communal landscape of Khayamandi. It has the feel of a small village. Separate buildings, such as a day-care centre, an after-school-care centre, a multifunctional hall, an administrative block, a restaurant and an amphitheatre are linked through outdoor space and walkways.

Local labour, contractors and artisans participated in the work and in decisions on the renovation of the building. They chose bright, but naturally-toned colours for key spaces in the complex. They made gates handcrafted from scrap metal, one of the features of the building. Zinc cladding which rises out of the ground and seems to crawl over and towards the older buildings, is symbolic of the spirit of the community rising up and growing into something great and beautiful. The zinc is also reflective of the surrounding township context. As a whole, the combination of old and new and of different textures represents the vibrancy of Khayamandi.

It is therefore that the GSDT decided to submit an application to form part of the World Design Capital 2014 project.

World Design Capital (WDC) 2014 is an opportunity to amplify the power of design. It is a chance for everyone to use design to reconnect Cape Town and its people in new and interesting ways.

The vision is to transform Cape Town through design, into a sustainable, productive African city, bridging historical divides and building social and economic inclusion. The mission is to identify, nurture and promote projects that offer tangible evidence of how design can improve lives, within our uniquely South African and African context.

If the application of the GSDT is successful:

  • The Trust Centre will get official recognition as a WDC 2014 project, will be included in the programme for the year and will get meaningful exposure through the project’s integrated communication efforts.
  • The Trust Centre will get access to key local and global players in the creative industries, providing opportunity for collaboration, networking and mentorship.

To read more about Alayne Reesburg, CEO of WDC 2014, and the project, click here to visit their website.

 In addition, the Trust Centre was also mentioned in an article in the House & Garden, where Alayne talks about the WCD 2014:

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