EdTech World Tour stops by Kayamandi and Vision AfriKa

By on 3-29-2016 in News

Audrey Jarre and Svenia Busson, co-founders of the EdTech World Tour, visited Kayamandi and Vision AfriKa on Tuesday, 1 March. They describe the EdTech World Tour as “an initiative promoting global perspectives on Edtech fuelled by local insights”. Audrey and Svenia have visited ten countries to track Edtech trends around the world since starting the project in June last year.

Moija van Zyl accompanied them on a visit to Makupula Secondary School, Cloetesville High School and Vision AfriKa. Audrey and Svenia stopped by Vision AfriKa’s computer lab, and spoke with teachers from Cloetesville High School.

“We had fantastic chats with teachers who are asking themselves the question of how to engage students in a visual way,” they said. “We discussed the power of videos, which may turn the student into a consumer but yet open ‘a world of understanding’.”

They also attended an Edtech meetup at LaunchLab  whilst in Stellenbosch, where Kevin Sherman did a presentation of the SAMR model. This stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition, and “offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning”.

For more information on the EdTech World Tour, visit their website, or read their detailed account of the experience.