Changes to the GSDT in 2014

By on 1-08-2014 in News

The trustees of the GSDT wish to take this opportunity to share with you the changes that will be implemented at the Ikhaya Trust Centre from 1 January 2014.

In our newsletter of August 2013 we reported that the trustees and executive board members of the GSDT and VisionAfriKa (previously VisionK) agreed to strengthen and formalise the existing co-operation between the two organisations. The GSDT and VisionAfriKa have been working together and sharing premises since 2003. They were informal partners in the 2-22 education project which during the day consists of a pre-school, an after-school and a specialised literacy learning centre. In the evenings the focus shifts to critical thinking, visionary dreaming, goal-setting, leadership development, academic improvement and active community citizenship.

This arrangement has been so successful that, in January 2014, the GSDT and VisionAfrika will officially merge project 2-22 under the supervision and control of Gerrit Laning of VisionAfrika. Some of the advantages of the merger are:

  • The creation of a unique platform to monitor and evaluate the effect of educational- and life skill interventions on disadvantaged learners from a very young age to adulthood (2 to 22);
  • Added benefits for learners who will have access, not only educational assistance, but to a variety of life skills training;
  • Continuity and stability for learners and staff;
  • Funders will see better value for their donations as a result of a broader learner component;
  •  Two administrative expense systems combined into one;
  • One large and sustainable project with measurable outcomes and goals.

The role of the trustees of the GSDT will therefore change from an active role to an advisory role. Research shows that for NGO’s to be sustainable in the long term, their boards must act in a largely advisory capacity rather than be actively involved in the day to day running of the organisation.

The trustees of the GSDT will still be responsible for fundraising and report to donors on funds received in their fiduciary capacity. VisionAfrika will be responsible for the day to day administration of the project, which will include reporting on the project as a whole to donors. Gerrit Laning will in due course contact you to discuss any additional details regarding the merger.

Once again, from all of us, thank you for your vital support in the past and in particular during 2013. We look forward to continue the mutually beneficial relationship in 2014.