Amazink auditions and Talent Expo coming up

By on 6-13-2016 in News

Amazink is on the hunt for new talent. Auditions take place next Saturday, 18 June, from 10:00 to 17:00. Sign up by visiting Amazink and completing the time slot schedule, or email Ilana at to book a spot. Items should be a maximum of 3 minutes long.
Top candidates will be invited to the Talent Expo, which take place on 23 July at 19:30. Participants stand the chance to win cash prizes ranging from R500 to R3000.




Multipurpose testing stations

In Stellenbosch, as elsewhere in the world, individuals and organisations formed support systems in response to COVID-19. Measures to contain COVID-19 led to unusual collaboration across different disciplines, across different institutions, and between persons trained...

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Covid-19 Informal Tourism Entrepreneur Support

Community-based tour guides, crafters, entertainers and hosts brings a unique flavour and vibrancy to our region. Covid-19 has wholly and suddenly stripped them of their income and prospects, leaving many destitute and vulnerable.Most enterprise support on offer...

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Remote learning during lockdown

A majority of learners completed homework on IXL during the lockdown. The lowest response per class was 63% (Grade 1). The average for the school is 72%, with 83% the highest. The teachers can see remotely who completed a lesson and how well each child performed. The...

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