5-year-olds first training day on the Reading Eggs programme

By on 7-30-2013 in News

On the first day they would attend the Reading Eggs programme, the 5-year-olds were overflown with excitement in their classroom and the moment they saw the computers, they couldn’t stop talking about it.

Joan Borman and her team showed them the mouse and what they do with it, as well as the headphones and that they should listen to what is asked of them to do. According to Joan it was amazing how fast they learned how to control a mouse and how to play Reading Eggs. It seemed as if some of them have computers at home, because they could only show them something once and they would take it from there and do it on their own and assist here and there.

After the lesson the children were very happy about what they learned and even told their teacher all about it. The very next morning they even asked their teacher if they are going to the Reading Eggs class, because it was so much fun to be there that they want to go to the Reading Eggs class everyday!

“The kids are very happy and their teacher as well.” – Joan Borman