Our Donors

Generous contributions by various donors over the years have ensured the sustainability and stability of the GSDT. All the major donors have shown extensive interest in the projects that they fund. They visit the GSDT regularly and are extremely supportive and generous with their time and advice.

Present major donors are:

    • The Restis Family Trust
    • German sponsors, lead by Rudi Neuland and Anna Will and by Drs Wolf and Iris Siegmund
    • The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF)
    • Click Foundation
Restis Family Trust

Representatives of the Restis Family Trust from Greece approached the GSDT through their representative in South Africa, Jannie Momberg, a former (now deceased) South African ambassador to Greece. The Restis’ are ship-owners and fleet managers and own the bulk section of Safmarine. They initially wanted to establish a project that would benefit orphans from homes that were affected by HIV/AIDS. With the assistance of the Restis Family, the Macias Restis After-School Care Programme was established. This programme now forms part of the 2-22 Project and has since been broadened to include not only orphans, but also learners with potential to excel academically.

German Sponsors

The fundraising of Drs. Iris and Wolf Siegmund, Anna Will and Rudi Neuland  sustained the Trust through a critical period in the first years of the organisation’s existence. Their fundraising is mainly done through a network of German sponsors for individual children and through friends supporting the Trust.

The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund


The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund has been a donor of the Trust since 2008 when they, together with the Restis Family Trust donated the bulk of funds to upgrade the GSDT Trust centre. In addition, the National Lottery Distribution Fund also made contributions in 2010, 2011 and 2012 towards the general running costs of the trust.

Donations towards the development of the centre

In 2002 the Trust Centre was renovated from the remains of the fire with generous contributions from Drs Wolf and Iris Siegmund; Rudi Neuland and Anna Will; the Boland District Municipality; Dennis Moss Partners and others. Later a second pre-school classroom was added with the help of volunteer students from the Fachschule Kobelsdorff in Berlin.

Donors for the 2010 renovation were: The Restis Family Trust; The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund; INCA Capacity Building Fund; Donations coordinated by Drs Wolf and Iris Siegmund, Rudi Neuland and Anna Will; Marie and Hannes van Zyl; Prof. Hans Bode; Petra Krämer; German Consulate Cape Town; Cape Classic; Jan Klingler and Alan Todd, kr2 architects; Hope & Warren Quantity Surveyors; and Moroff & Kühne Consulting Engineers.


Amongst the other  donors in years past were:

Finland-South Africa Association (FSAA)

The FSAA became involved with the GSDT when Tapani Brotherus, previously a Finnish ambassador in South Africa, expressed interest in some of the ideas on and proposals for small business development that were discussed at the Trust. At the time, he was searching for innovative ways to make training useful and practical, and to measure the impact of training not merely in the classroom, but rather in practice after training has been completed. Through his mediation the FSAA, on whose board he serves, took on the GSDT as a partner.

The FSAA assisted the GSDT in establishing a programme for micro-entrepreneurs. This project has over time developed into SEED. SEED is now an independent Trust that operates in partnership with the GSDT.

Forum Syd; InternationellaFolkshögskolan (FIF); AfroSvenska

Forum Syd, on behalf of SEDA and the Swedish government and through FIF and AfroSvenska have provided funds to strengthen the GSDT as an organization and also for youth development.


Other  individuals and companies that have made significant past contributions are:

  • INCA Capacity Building Fund
  • Siegmund, Rudi Neuland and Anna Will
  • Prof. Hans Bode
  • Petra Krämer
  • Jan Kingler and Alan Todd, KR2 Achitects
  • Hope & Warren Quantity Surveyors
  • Moroff & Kühune Consulting Engineers
  • Cape Classic and Gabi Zahn
  • Boland District Municipality
  • The Canadian High Commission
  • Dick Enthoven; Spier Wine Estate; Convene Venture Philanthropy
  • HD Menzel
  • Rotary Stellenbosch
  • Stef Bos
  • Dennis Moss Partnership
  • Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Cape Town
  • KR2 Architects
  • Amy van Niekerk
  • University of Stellenbosch-MGD
  • Stellenbosch Municipality,
  • Sue and Kerry Brookbanks
  • Hannes and Marie van Zyl
  • Distell
  • Kalader Trust