By on 7-10-2012

The GSDT operates from the Trust Centre in Khayamandi and houses various partner organisations.


By on 7-09-2012

SOS is an initiative which aims to strengthen social organisations through capacity building.

Vision AfriKa

By on 7-08-2012

Vision AfriKa supports youth (grade 9, 10, 11 and 12) in their process of personal growth and development.


By on 7-06-2012

Eduvate aims to improve learning and teaching through innovation in the classroom.

Reading Eggs

By on 7-06-2012

Reading Eggs is an online, phonetics based programme creating a fun experience for the initial acquisition of literacy skills.


By on 7-05-2012

SEED is a non-profit organization based in Kayamandi, South Africa with a core focus on economic development.


By on 7-04-2012

MRCT strives to assist and empower charities that work with children of previously disadvantaged communities.


By on 7-03-2012

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